Bundles of babies 2016

Have to say I was more than just a tad bit excited when I was contacted to shoot a wedding in the interior with its rugged landscapes and dramatic backdrops!

In the last few years especially I’ve been getting to

Don’t mess with the Dress!

And so the day was upon us! Daryl Currie Photo was heading out to BC’s beautiful Vancouver Island to shoot a wedding in the little town of Saanich.

And as with many DCP shoots I was exploding with inspiration. And

Another Fairytale Ending with DCP

A Fairy-tale ending? Just what many brides are looking for. But there was a time for this bride to be where she doubted if her Prince Charming would every show up in her lifetime.

There was a time she wondered

Vegas or Bust!

Hmmm….I wonder if DCP’s latest Engagement Session was going to be all serious? With no fun & games?

C’mon now!!! Like that would ever happen!

There were smiles to be had by all….Heck, even the beach ball (and note the

Adventures in ‘Mari-dness’

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, the ‘Accidental Engagement’ post a couple months back. Remember this couple?

Not so ‘accidental’ looking now is it? lol Turns out Trevor’s plan was played out perfectly! But lets not get ahead

OoohhHH Oooh Canada!

And away we were, off to Whistler, BC. But little did we know, this wouldn’t be any typical trip ***SUSPENSE***

And it wasn’t because it was Canada day that made this trip a little atypical than most other times.


TWOgether Forever: Twins Photoshoot

Well there has been a very recent special delivery to the Dexter family. Lance & Shannon are doubly ecstatic about their new additions to the family! And DCP was so happy to dig out some of his props to add