‘Accidental’ Engagement? I don’t think so….

‘Accidental’ Engagement? I don’t think so….

Rumour has it that this fine couple met by accident….

Accident as in LITERALLY! But as we all know…not everything is as it appears.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves….Trevor, the fine young man in the picture below was getting very tired of trying to pick up woman in the bars, supermarkets & yoga classes, decided he would try a new and elaborate method to find the woman of his dreams….

Being an avid bicyclist, Trevor began implementing strategic wipe outs all throught the Lower Mainland to gain sympathy from the opposite sex…but with little avail.

Some days were so discouraging; he would go down by the water & dream and hope that the sunshine of his life wasn’t that far away. He wondering if she too was dreaming about him…

He decided that he would stage one more accident, and make it a good one. Really butter it up, hoping for the catch of a lifetime! And then it happened. He met Mari!

Once Trevor was ‘revived’, and their eyes met, that was it. They were inseparable! They laughed and hugged and tickled each other to no end.

It was only a matter of time before they decided to hire an amazing, aw-inspiring, super-fabtabulous, well worth the money photographer *****DARYL CURRIE PHOTO***** to help document their love in a cute & creative way!

And from that day forth, they lived happily ever after!


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