TWOgether Forever: Twins Photoshoot

TWOgether Forever: Twins Photoshoot

Well there has been a very recent special delivery to the Dexter family. Lance & Shannon are doubly ecstatic about their new additions to the family! And DCP was so happy to dig out some of his props to add to their delight!

And as any good photographer knows, there is a small window of time to capture those perfect newborn poses.

And its one thing to get some great poses with one baby, but Twins is a whole other story! Time is of the essence!

Cause all sleeping babies do wake up…..

And being their first photo shoot, they had to have a quick discussion about whether to co-operate or not.

Fortunately babies love DCP & everything from the Big Picture to the little details were well documented.

Including the most intimate of moments.

And finally you know its a feeding break or that your newborn DCP photo shoot is coming to an end when…. lol!

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