Vegas or Bust!

Vegas or Bust!

Hmmm….I wonder if DCP’s latest Engagement Session was going to be all serious? With no fun & games?

C’mon now!!! Like that would ever happen!

There were smiles to be had by all….Heck, even the beach ball (and note the glimmer in its eye too)!

And it didn’t take much DCP investigating to find out that the rumors were true….Jenn said ‘I DO!’

Rumor has it, her soon to be husband grabbed some mud and shaped a heart in her hand and said, “my hearts had its share of scars, but from the day I met you, you’ve held my heart in your hands…and from this day forward it will be forever yours!”

Well something like that anyways. But we can be sure that there was lots tears of happiness, hugs and kisses!

And some Signature style DCP creativity.

Including an iconic kiss under the White Rock pier!

And now…who knows exactly where this fine young couple are. Somewhere between here and there. There being, of course, Las Vegas! So if anyone sees this couple on the side of the road, give them a lift! It’s going to be the Biggest trip of their lifetime!

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