OoohhHH Oooh Canada!

OoohhHH Oooh Canada!

And away we were, off to Whistler, BC. But little did we know, this wouldn’t be any typical trip ***SUSPENSE***

And it wasn’t because it was Canada day that made this trip a little atypical than most other times.

Or even that it was our first trip to Whistler as a family. No, no, no….there was definitely something strange, in this neighbourhood. No! Not Ghost-busters kinda strange….

On second thought, perhaps strange was the wrong word. I would venture to say that some pretty obvious and very ominous warnings, signs if you like, were clearly ignored.

Or maybe, I was just too wrapped up in getting stellar photos, as usual, that I had overlooked the potentially threatening weather conditions? Any which way, one big gust of wind later and I became….

….the Abominable Snowman!

Of course, having such an amazing wife, Shazia didn’t think twice about risking her own life to save her ‘I just gotta get that next shot no matter what the risk’ kinda husband. As you can see, she too became a snowman. Ummm, I mean, a snow-woman.

We may have been wet, miserable, hangry (hungry & angry), but at least we were together!

The day did take a turn for the better and our winter wardrobes melted away.

Niahl became a real hit with the locals. We could barely get 10ft without a comment, cuddle or question from family, friends and strangers.

So much so that he became wanted all over town.

But we made sure to have some time out for ourselves, escaping the crowds and exploring the roads less traveled.

It was when we sat down for a rest that a little birdie chirped a few sweet somethins’ in my ear…..

And so we rushed home by moonlight.

And then back at the hotel….

We learned that the warning label was correct. You should not light the sonic boom 3000 within 50 meters of any residence. Talk about raising the roof!

After a few bad breaks, misunderstandings & few police statements later, our family was back staring at the moon, wondering, imagining, dreaming….. ‘Wonder what the man on the moon might look like?’

They only thing we knew for sure, is he probably didn’t look like this…

Maybe the man on the moon was actually a woman? Perhaps he looked like this & she gave away free pineapples for those who ‘wished upon a star.’

Anyway such mysteries who have to remain mysterious as we had other matters at hand. Sleepy babies gotta sleep so they don’t turn into cranky babies.

A few twists of the toe-sies later and it was off to sleep, in anticipation for what tomorrow might bring!

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