“WHAT!?! Opening day at the KIDS PLAY CAFE!”

“WHAT!?! Opening day at the KIDS PLAY CAFE!”

Yes it is true! The long awaited opening of the KIDS PLAY CAFE in the ever growing region of Sullivan in Surrey was finally here!

And it didn’t bring a smile just to the parents faces!

Sure parents, family & friends enjoyed chatting & meeting new people over a fresh cup of Java….

But it was the kids that were truly overjoyed!

How could you not be, with such an amazing indoor playground, games & all types of learning activities.

Even Santa made a timely visit, checking to see if all the boys and girls at the cafe had been naughty or nice. I pretty sure this adorable little guy was thinking, “Do you mean nice…ALL of the time?”

Which brought with it a whole lot more laughter & cheer.

And even a little amazement that a man that big could fit down a chimney!

But Santa, being a busy guy and all, had to leave the Kids Play Cafe. But there sure was a whole lot of wide-eyed wonder when he took to the skies in his sleigh!

But then getting back to what children do best….PLAYING!

And exploring…

The Race track around the playground proved to be a hit!

With only the occasional traffic jam (city life….you just have to expect it) lol!

By the end of the day, everyone left with a smile….even Frosty 🙂

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