Bundles of babies 2016

Bundles of babies 2016

Have to say I was more than just a tad bit excited when I was contacted to shoot a wedding in the interior with its rugged landscapes and dramatic backdrops!

In the last few years especially I’ve been getting to be known within the industry as a photographer who specializes in outdoor portraiture.

So when clients like Alex & Kayleen tell me that’s why they specifically hired me, well you can only imagine how honored I feel to shoot the Biggest Day of their lives!

Of course their was many family and friends there who were so in love… with their love for each other.

And I have to say I was enthralled with their personal love story. It turns out, Alex & Kayleen met when they were teenagers. She was the new girl in town and before a big dance, Alex decided he would put his phone number on the inside of a CD case so they could talk again. One prank phone call led to countless hours talking on the phone. And the rest was history.

I also love the fact that they chose to have the wedding at the top of Nicomen Falls because of the sentimental value it had in their family and how they hiked all around this area as soon as they started dating. Being such a powerful and sacred place, it was of course the first choice when it came to picking a ceremony location!

So then came the matter of capturing the gorgeous location in the absolutely best ways possible. Its so important to me to offer my clients something different than your more traditional styled wedding photography. And fortunately, that has kept attracting to me what I consider my perfect clients!

And after shots along the cliffline I wanted to capture some pictures that would be sybolic of not only their love but their aboriginal roots as well.

I’m so glad that I can create images that reflect exactly¬†the inner most feelings of my clients. In this case not only did love make them feel like they were on top of the world, but they got the views to go with it as well! Another beautiful love story continues….