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Destination Weddings

As a lot of brides to be know…resort photographers can be pretty lacking on the creative side. Want something fresh & exciting? Look no further. We will travel anywhere, whether it be the sandy shores of Mexico, a Costa Rican Forest or a castle in the Scottish Highlands–we will be there to capture your special day and make sure you receive timeless images of visual storytelling magnificence!  Contact DCP today to discuss a CUSTOM PACKAGE &  just how Amazing we can make the Biggest Day in your life become! 

Engagement Shoots

SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS: Thinking about a Surprise Engagement? To capture that very moment that took her/his breath away? How It Works: Call me. Tell me of your plans. Give me the location. I’ll be secretly snapping every single fleeting moment of perhaps the Biggest Day in Your Life from a comfortable distance away, making sure that I’m unseen so everything unfolds in a completely natural & authentic way! A little after the BIG question has been popped, I’ll appear out of thin air & introduce myself & I guarantee you’ll of made someone very VERY Happy! 

PLANNED ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS: What I often suggest to potential Clients who like my style is to try an engagement session so you get a feel for me and the type of imagery you can expect on your Wedding Day. I find that by doing this, it allows you and your partner to review the images I created & then make your final decision that much easier. I absolutely love that kind of challenge and look forward to getting to know my clients better so that I  can make your wedding day an absolutely amazing experience! After your shoot, you’ll then be able to view your photos on a private online viewing gallery where you can order the ones you love!

Kids Portraits

Ohhh that mischievous grin. The twinkle in their eye. The skip in their step. The art of Children’s Portraiture is much more than lighting and composition. It’s an intuitive knowing of when and how to capture the very essence of everything that makes kids precious. And it certainly isn’t surprising that, due to my own innate curiosity, kids respond extraordinarily with me (I suppose that it helps too that I bribe them with skittles)!

Babies & Bumps

Maternity & Newborn portraits are a once-in-a-lifetime portraits that you, and so many others, will cherish for generations to come. At Daryl Currie Photo we’re constantly dreaming up unique and creative
perspectives in pursuit of DCP’s signature Artistic imagery.