Adventures in ‘Mari-dness’

Adventures in ‘Mari-dness’

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, the ‘Accidental Engagement’ post a couple months back. Remember this couple?

Not so ‘accidental’ looking now is it? lol Turns out Trevor’s plan was played out perfectly! But lets not get ahead of ourselves…

I’m always so happy to document clients Love story. And after the ‘Accidental Engagement’ blog  so many curious minds wanted to know…would love forever remain just beyond their reach.

Would Trevor’s life, his real life, the one waiting for him, forever be put on hold.

Or would their love blossom like a mid-summer meadow in bloom?

Well it turned out that well intentioned prayers were answered.

And the money and time Trevor was spending to spruce up his E-harmony profile could now go to his future wife instead.

And of course all their friends and family were overjoyed to celebrate their Big Day!

Its always amazing to see so much love for two people committing their lives to one another.

Especially when that commitment is filled with as much love as Trevor and Mari have for each other.

You could see it in their eyes.

The look of love is never hard to spot.

Of course there’s always a whole lot more than just love at a DCP wedding…

There was staring contests.

There was moms with their daughters.

Peek-a-boo games were pretty popular.

As well as manly debates while walking & drinking.

Followed by a scientific experiments to prove the existence of gravity on Grooms (SIDE NOTE: as a wedding photographer I’ve noticed some grooms have more impact on their family and friends than other ones. Must say that Trevor had some serious impact)!

There was also moments that defied gravity.

Of course, like any DCP shoot, there was a little Tomfoolery to be had.

Ok…maybe alot!

There was even an attempted wedding crashing!

And the occasional awkward moment when the guest besides you shows a little lack of table manners…..

There was even a brief ‘Time Out’ period for misconduct (although all the accused below are innocent until proven guilty).

….but this didn’t stop the wedding from all for kinda forms of Fabtabulousness…

…and a whole lot of fresh, vibrant DCP signature style photography!

Which always includes kids doing what kids do..having a whole lotta FUN!!

Or just being inquisitive.

And then as the sun began to set there was dancing all into the wee hours of the night….

The perfect ending to the first of many days in ‘The Adventures of Mari-dness’

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