Don’t mess with the Dress!

Don’t mess with the Dress!

And so the day was upon us! Daryl Currie Photo was heading out to BC’s beautiful Vancouver Island to shoot a wedding in the little town of Saanich.

And as with many DCP shoots I was exploding with inspiration. And best of all the rain stopped just in time to get my clients some signature, outdoor amazing DCP imagery!

The ceremony was held at the local Catholic Church were many family and friends were waiting in great anticipation for the Beautiful Bride.

Even if a little someone else did their best to steal the show!

But I think most in attendance would agree that the highlight (besides the ‘…and I know pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride’), came in the form of a very cute miscue, which led to a wee little bit of a giggle fit!

Despite all the fun & laughter, there was a few security threats…but they were dealt with accordingly!

After the little ‘malfunction’ it was time to pronounce this fabulous couple ‘Man & Wife’ by sealing it with a kiss. Once again, the anticipation was almost palpable.

And as always, there was lots of celebrations to be had by all!

Which brought with it a whole lot more laughter, cheer & warm fuzzies.

Mixed in with a few moments of sheer terror but lets save that story for another day ;D

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