Another Fairytale Ending with DCP

Another Fairytale Ending with DCP

A Fairy-tale ending? Just what many brides are looking for. But there was a time for this bride to be where she doubted if her Prince Charming would every show up in her lifetime.

There was a time she wondered if she would forever wander the Earth, not knowing is he was just around the corner, if he might to be wondering about her. Somewhere….

With two people with such love in their hearts, its only a matter of time when such love will finally meet. And so it was…

They found there was many turns in the road, and that they had to pass many bridges together. But that was the key….

They did it together! And in such unity, the sun would shine upon them, as pleased with them as they were with themselves.

Even in the darkest night, the moon couldn’t help but to shine its light upon their love too. Something so sacred had to be shared. Had to be honored. Had to be a testament to the power of love and pursuing your dreams.

THE END (and also just the beginning)!

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