Painting the perfect Wedding   –  Morgan + Derek    –   Destination Wedding

Painting the perfect Wedding – Morgan + Derek – Destination Wedding

It had been a few months since I had last seen Morgan and Derek as I was privileged to do their engagement session back in Whiterock, BC. I couldn’t wait to get to Mexico to do my first Destination Wedding of 2015, knowing the amazing images they would get to cherish for the rest of their lives.

After some casual ‘Getting Ready’ pics it was time for what we all had been waiting for!

Making my way over to where the big entrance was being made, I wasn’t sure who was shining more, mom or daughter. The joy was evident in both the smiles…

And tears…

And after perhaps the longest 100 ft walk in her life….

It was time for mom to give away her daughter. And again, there was a few tears, but a whole lot of smiles and laughter.

But no one was smiling more than this man! And for good reason, for he was about to marry the love of his life!

After the ceremony, things got a tad bit festive….

There was some partial nudity…

But no one seemed to mind.

There was a game of ‘Peek-a-boo Can you SPOT the groom’.

A little fun with shadows & funny faces…

But most importantly, with this group there was definitely, positively, never a shortage of….Never a shortage of…..Hmmmm, can’t quite remember what there wasn’t a shortage off…

Oh YES! Love. LOVE. LOOOVE! There was plenty to go around for Derek & Morgan.

Another highlight was DCP’s 3rd annual Destination Wedding Bride Toss.

It went pretty successfully, except for some minor injuries but hey….what do you think waivers are for!?!

And…..there was that Great White Shark incident (the guys not exactly being shinning examples of bravery)! But besides that, tons of LOVE!

Oh and there was that itsy bitsy, semi-catastrophic hurricane in the background there, that closed down the Mexican airport and caused outages, tossed vehicles ect. ect. but these Lovebirds weren’t worried.

There’s never a bad opportunity to ‘strike a pose’. Even in a gift shop!

Or to play a good game of Hide-a-go-seek with your husband (just not at the ceremony…that never goes well) lol!

And when it was time to chill out, Derek & Morgan were all over that too.

Not unlike some of the locals….

Derek made an ambitious attempt to climb a coconut tree…but got a little distracted before he was even half way up.

Next morning came pretty early after hours of Coco Bongo-ing, but these 2 were real troopers getting some fabulous shots for their ‘Trash the Dress’ session.

Just imagine, none of these beautiful moments would ever have happened, if two people hadn’t fell in love….

And because of that, there’s now two less fish in the sea…